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"Art. Music. Design."
Artist & designer from Australia.


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Seamless - Xenocide ft. NLJ & BoyinabandRemixes by Crazy Daylight and Prismatic & VolantThis was a fun one to do, pixel by pixel for those buildings, but the result was worth it. The song is being released through Adapted Records, check it out!
Enter Shikari custom converse
After the pair of Enter Shikari Vans I made I wanted to make a new pair of shoes into E.S style
The triangle, circle logo on one shoe and the Lion on the other. I went for a more simple approach with these ones this time around 
NLJ - All Bronze Everything
One of the tracks off of his Thirst For Knowledge EP
Flobots - Handlebars (Dubstep Cover by NLJ & PalmMute)I quite enjoyed making this cover, the people in the background were fun to create and give that effect.
Name or Face - NLJ, WhiteEnglishGirl and SssshawnnnnYoutube thumbnail for NLJ’s Death Note Glitch Hop Metal Rap music videoThis is one of the tracks off of his Thirst For Knowledge EP
Enter Shikari Collage Version 2After making the first version of this (Link here) I felt like I needed to do another one!So here it is!Every Enter Shikari song in one picture! Everything from Nodding Acquaintance (2003 EP) up to the newest single from 2013, Rat Race[dA Link: ]