Jordan Tucker

All content posted on here is my own work.

Artist & graphic designer

Clients: NLJ, Veela, Boyinaband, Bustre, Adapted Records

If you'd like to get in contact with me send me a message on here or my Facebook/deviantART or and I'll be sure to get back to you!

Jazz - Transformers Comic Book style (done in 2011)
Ear drawing using tablet (done in 2013)Left photo is the reference and the right is my drawing using a tablet
3 Point Perspective Building (done in 2013)

Sora and Roxas Chibis (done in 2012)

I’m pretty sure I drew using a digital drawing as a reference but I decided to do it in pencil, I can’t find the reference but whoever you are THANK YOU!Happy with my interpretation of the piece and the colouring technique I used

Daft Punk and I  (done in 2013)

based off of a photo of Kavinsky with the duoDrawn with graphite pencil and Derwent Artists Colour pencils
Eminem - Rap God (Cover/Remix) by NLJ & PalmMute - Album Artwork

we-love-arcticmonkeys said: Some awesome work dude

Thanks heaps! :D
I’m in the process of making a giant Arctic Monkeys collage similar to my Enter Shikari one, look out for that! :D

In The End - NLJ and Edward Mcevenue Cover/Remixalbum art for NLJ’s latest release
Seamless - Xenocide ft. NLJ & BoyinabandRemixes by Crazy Daylight and Prismatic & VolantThis was a fun one to do, pixel by pixel for those buildings, but the result was worth it. The song is being released through Adapted Records, check it out!
Enter Shikari custom converse
After the pair of Enter Shikari Vans I made I wanted to make a new pair of shoes into E.S style
The triangle, circle logo on one shoe and the Lion on the other. I went for a more simple approach with these ones this time around